Plans for 3 new centres stand out in 2018-19 budget

Setting up of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Research and Study Centre, an Innovation and Incubation Centre and a Centre for Telangana Studies are among the infrastructural facilities being planned by Osmania University for 2018-19.

Presenting the budget for 2018-19 on March 29 to the members of the Academic Senate, Prof. R. Nageswar Rao, Dean, Faculty of Management, said that an expenditure of Rs. 686.77 crore was planned, as against an income of Rs. 623.59 crore.

Nearly 20 per cent of the expenses, i.e., Rs. 135.46 crore, has been earmarked for infrastructure facilities, construction of centenary buildings and other related works, establishment of colleges at Siddipet, Jogipet, Narsapur and for transfer of funds to the Secretary, BOC, IUT. As the block grant of Rs. 309.54 crore allocated to the University for the year is not sufficient, the University plans to approach the State Government for additional funds.

With the financial assistance of the State Government, the University also plans to construct new academic blocks at an estimated cost of Rs. 40 crore, new residential buildings for the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar, new buildings for Univesity Foreign Relations Office, Model High School, and Nizamiah Observatory at Japal Rangapur Observatory at an estimated cost of Rs. 30.50 crore.

Restoration / renovation and maintenance of old buildings in Arts College and Science College at a cost of Rs. 10 crore, and restoration of old hostel building at University College of Science, Saifabad, at a cost of Rs 2 crore is also on the cards.

The University is expecting Rs. 7.18 crore to be available for utilisation from the University Grants Commission with an expected flow of Rs. 5.63 crore to the already available amount of Rs. 1.55 crore. The University has lined up expenditure of Rs. 6.49 crore under this head, leaving a balance of Rs. 69.28 lakh.

Further, it expects Rs 21.14 crore to be available under the University with Potential for Excellence scheme. The spending under this scheme is expected to be around Rs 19.35 crore, while the remaining Rs 1.79 crore will be carried over as balance to the next year.

The surplus of revenue at the PGRR Centre for Distance Education, after covering its own expenditure, will be transferred to the University Fund Account and will be utilised for payment of salaries to employees. This year, the receipts at CDE are expected to touch Rs 32.76 crore, apart from Rs. 5.15 crore carried over from last year. Of this, a sum of Rs. six crore is to be claimed by University Fund Account, considering CDE’s own expenditure of Rs. 14.42 crore and a balance of Rs. 5.2 crore.

Prof. S. Ramachandram, Vice Chancellor, highlighted the activities / events taken up during the past few months from December 2017 onwards. Prof T Vijay Kumar, Head, Department of English, presented the annual report. Prof. Ch Gopal Reddy, Registrar, proposed a vote of thanks. Prof. T.Krishna Rao, Officer on Special Duty, Senior officials of the University, and members of the Senate were present.

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