Osmania honours its seniors

As the saying goes, “a nation that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for.”

Osmania University, the pride of Hyderabad, at 100 years cannot but look back to how far it has come and recognise the hard work of men and women who have contributed immensely towards making the University a Centre of Excellence.

Arguably one of the largest university systems in the Indian subcontinent, with over 300,000 students on its campuses and affiliated colleges, Osmania University has recognised the sacrifice and contribution made by retired members of the faculty to the growth and development of the institution.

The University has organised the OU Centenary Felicitations event as part of its ‘100 years’ celebrations to formally say thank you to retired faculty and to give them the platform to make inputs to the development of OU. The maiden event which was organised at the College of Science brought many retirees together who thronged the Auditorium with excitement and a feeling of fulfilment. For most of them, the invitation was a call of duty and also a time to meet old friends.

Speaking at the event, Prof. S. Ramachandram, Vice Chancellor, Osmania University, thanked the retired teachers for responding positively to the invitation and attending the event. He recounted fond memories of his days as a student at OU and now as the top executive.

Prof. Ramachandram took the opportunity to inform the gathering of major projects and programmes going on in the University and how they are helping improve the status of OU. He mentioned that the University is still considering ways to constantly engage retired teachers in order to improve research and academics.

Prof. Ch. Gopal Reddy, Registrar, Osmania University, recalled his student days and as a faculty in the early ‘90s. He attributed the recent A+ ranking by NAAC to the commitment and hardwork of staff and faculty and used the occasion to congratulate all.

For current students who attended the event perhaps to hear for themselves what Osmania University was like, there was a feeling of uncertainty as experience shared were entirely different from what the reality is now. This they described as the “good old days”. But as one wonders, the only solution could probably be hard work, commitment and discipline.

Retired Professors and other senior faculty replying to the felicitations expressed their desire to still work to support OU even after retirement. From the interactions, it was seen that most of the retirees virtually spent all their working life at Osmania and that for them is a huge sacrifice.

Some also recounted the good glorious days when graduates from Osmania University would not be asked further questions at job interviews once they claimed that they were from OU. Can that be said about OU graduates today?

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